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Fat grafting


Left Implant Reconstruction with Implant Visibility and Rippling

Fat Grating to both breasts, for enhancement

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Fat grafting is a powerful adjunct procedure used in breast surgery, to enhance and improve the appearance of reconstructed breasts. This procedure allows for volume restoration in specific areas of a breast, where extra volume is needed around either implants or autologous tissue flaps.

Fat grafting is performed by using liposuction to remove fat from other parts of a patient's own body. This fat is then immediately washed in the operating room, and placed into injection syringes. It is then injected directly into the patient's breast, as a filler, to the necessary areas. This is usually injected under the breast skin, to give the breast skin a rejuvenated, enhanced volume appearance. This technique is also used to better mask any visible breast implant edges.

Once injected into the patient's breast, this fat heals to the surrounding tissue, and stays permanently in this new location, offering long term effect and benefits.

Because this process involves only liposuction and reinjection of fat using liposuction and injections, there are no large scars, and the procedure is efficient and quick.

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